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We offer several options to help cover the cost of ACTEMRA® (tocilizumab) for your patients who are uninsured, have been denied covered by their health plans, have concerns about co-pays or are worried about out-of-pocket (OOP) expenses.




Genentech Rheumatology Co-pay Card Program

Genentech offers the Genentech Rheumatology Co-pay Card Program to help qualified patients with the out-of-pocket costs associated with their prescription.






Referrals to Co-pay Assistance Foundations

If privately or publicly insured patients have difficulty paying their ACTEMRA co-pay, co-insurance or other expenses, Genentech Rheumatology Access Solutions can refer them to a co-pay assistance foundation* supporting their disease state.








The Genentech® Access to Care Foundation (GATCF)

GATCF was established to help patients with unmet medical needs who are uninsured or rendered uninsured by payer denial and who meet specific financial and medical criteria to receive  ACTEMRA free of charge. Learn more


* Genentech does not influence or control the operations of these co-pay assistance foundations, but Genentech Rheumatology Access Solutions can assist patients in navigating the process of seeking co-pay assistance by making an appropriate referral based on a patient’s diagnosis and by assisting with the application process. We cannot guarantee co-pay assistance once a patient has been referred by Genentech Rheumatology Access Solutions. The foundations to which we refer patients each have their own criteria for patient eligibility, including financial eligibility.



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  • LEARN HOW the ACT Fast Program can help ACTEMRA SC patients awaiting a coverage decision.
  • Download: new forms for enrollment in GATCF
  • Form Statement of Medical Necessity
  • Form Patient Authorization and Notice of Release of Information

Actemra Indications and Important Safety Information


ACTEMRA® (tocilizumab) is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who have had an inadequate response to one or more Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs).

ACTEMRA is indicated for the treatment of active polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis in patients 2 years of age and older.

ACTEMRA is indicated for the treatment of active systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis in patients 2 years of age and older.


Patients treated with ACTEMRA are at increased risk for developing serious infections that may lead to hospitalization or death, including tuberculosis (TB), bacterial, invasive fungal, viral, or other opportunistic infections.

If a serious infection develops, interrupt ACTEMRA until the infection is controlled.


ACTEMRA is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to ACTEMRA. Hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis and death, have occurred.

  • If anaphylaxis or other hypersensitivity reaction occurs, stop administration of ACTEMRA immediately and discontinue ACTEMRA permanently.

Other serious or potentially life-threatening adverse reactions that have been reported in clinical trials with ACTEMRA include gastrointestinal perforations.

Other potential risks of ACTEMRA include demyelinating disorders and malignancies.

Laboratory monitoring is recommended due to potential consequences of treatment-related laboratory abnormalities in neutrophils, platelets, lipids, and liver function tests.

Common adverse reactions in RA studies included upper respiratory tract infections, nasopharyngitis, headache, hypertension, increased ALT, and injection-site reactions (SC only).

Common adverse reactions in SJIA studies included upper respiratory tract infections, headache, nasopharyngitis, and diarrhea.

In general, the types of adverse drug reactions in patients with PJIA were consistent with those seen in RA and SJIA patients.

You may report side effects to the FDA at (800) FDA-1088 or You may also report side effects to Genentech at (888) 835-2555.

Please see full Prescribing Information, including Boxed Warning for additional important safety information.

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