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Find Patient Assistance

We offer several options to help cover the cost of Genentech medicines for your patients who are uninsured, have been denied coverage by their health plans, have concerns about co-pays or are worried about out-of-pocket expenses.




Brand-specific Co-pay Cards*

Genentech offers co-pay cards which may help qualified patients with the out-of-pocket costs associated with their prescription.



Referrals to Co-pay Assistance Foundations

If privately or publicly insured patients have difficulty paying their co-pay, co-insurance or other expenses, Genentech Access Solutions can refer them to a co-pay assistance foundation supporting their disease state.





Genentech® Access to Care Foundation (GATCF)

GATCF was established to help patients with unmet medical needs who are uninsured or rendered uninsured by payer denial and who meet specific financial and medical criteria to receive their prescription free of charge.



*Certain brands do not apply.

Genentech does not influence or control the operations of these co-pay assistance foundations, but Genentech Access Solutions can assist patients in navigating the process of seeking co-pay assistance by making an appropriate referral based on a patient’s diagnosis and by assisting with the application process. We cannot guarantee co-pay assistance once a patient has been referred by Genentech Access Solutions. The foundations to which we refer patients each have their own criteria for patient eligibility, including financial eligibility.