Esbriet Distribution

Authorized Specialty Distributors

Esbriet Access Solutions works with specialty pharmacies (SPs) to make patient and clinical support available to Esbriet patients and their prescribers.

An SP is uniquely able to give a comprehensive array of services. They may include:

  • Reimbursement resources for complicated paperwork and complex health plan requirements
  • Support to help patients understand and successfully adhere to a complex therapy
  • Clinical services to support patients throughout their therapies, such as adherence and persistency programs and nursing services
  • The ability to manage special handling and shipping needs linked with many specialty therapies

We contract with the authorized SPs listed below to supply Esbriet to patients. When you enroll patients in Esbriet Access Solutions, we connect them to the appropriate SP based on the policies of their individual health plans.

Distributor Telephone Fax Web Orders
Dakota Drug 866-210-5887 763-421-0661
DMS Pharmaceutical 877-788-1100 847-518-1105
McKesson Specialty Health 800-482-6700 800-289-9285


Distributor Telephone Fax Web Orders
ASD Healthcare 800-746-6273 800-547-9413 N/A
Cardinal Health Specialty Distribution 800-926-3161 888-345-4916
McKesson Specialty Health 800-482-6700 800-289-9285


Distributor Telephone Fax Web Orders
Accredo Specialty Pharmacy 888-608-9010 888-302-1028
Acro Pharmaceutical Services 800-906-7798 855-439-4768
Advanced Care Scripts 866-681-7131 866-679-7131
BriovaRx 800-850-9122 800-218-3221
Cigna Specialty Pharmacy 800-351-3606 800-351-3616
CVS/Specialty 800-237-2767 800-323-2445
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy 877-977-9118 800-550-6272
Humana Specialty Pharmacy 800-486-2668 877-405-7940
Orsini Healthcare 800-355-9366 877-358-9246
Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy 877-627-6337 877-828-3939
Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy 888-347-3416 877-231-8302

Distributor Telephone Fax Web Orders
Specialty Pharmacies 800-551-2231 N/A N/A


Distributor Telephone Fax Web Orders
Absolute Pharmacy Care 787-264-7010
Cardinal Health Puerto Rico 800-981-4699 787-625-4398
Special Care Pharmacy Services 787-783-8579


Genentech does not influence or advocate the use of any one specialty distributor or specialty pharmacy. We make no representation or guarantee of service or coverage of any item.