Referrals to the Genentech Patient Foundation

The Genentech Patient Foundation provides free medicine to:

  • Uninsured patients with incomes under $150,000*
  • Insured patients without coverage for a Genentech medicine with incomes under $150,000*
  • Insured patients with coverage for a Genentech medicine:
    • With unaffordable out-of-pocket costs
    • Who have pursued available financial assistance
    • With household size and income within certain guidelines, available at

*For all patient types, add $25,000 for each extra person in households larger than 4 people.

To be eligible for free Genentech medicine from the Genentech Patient Foundation, insured patients who have coverage for their medicine should have pursued all other forms of financial assistance and meet certain income requirements. Uninsured patients and insured patients without coverage for their medicine must meet different income requirements.