Resources for You

If you have questions about your insurance coverage or costs for Genentech products, here are some resources that may be able to help you. If you need further assistance, call us at (866) 422-2377.


Discussing Financial Responsibilities With Patients

This 2-page PDF provides helpful information about paying for your medicine.

Discussing Insurance Options With Your Patient

This 2-page PDF provides helpful information about understanding and selecting insurance options.

Evaluating Insurance Options Patient Letter

This letter provides information you may want to think about when changing insurance, including questions you may want to ask.

Treatment Cost Discussion Guide

This guide shows a list of questions you might want to ask after a Genentech medicine is prescribed. It also includes information on how to enroll in Genentech Access Solutions and a copy of the Patient Consent Form.

Understanding the Parts of Medicare and Your Costs

This resource gives you information on the parts of Medicare and Medicare Part D costs.

What to Think About When You Are Considering a Change of Insurance Tear Pad

This 6-page PDF provides information to help you understand your insurance options, as well as questions you might want to ask.