Spoilage Replacement Program

The Genentech Spoilage Replacement Program provides for replacement of infused, injected and self-administered products, which are prescribed and prepared for a labeled indication, yet not administered due to unforeseen patient clinical circumstances, subject to certain limitations and conditions set forth by Genentech. The purpose of the program is to support our commitment to protecting patient safety by preventing the use of spoiled, damaged or contaminated products. 

To request replacement product:

  • Complete the Online Spoilage Replacement Form found at the Genentech Customer Service website
  • Once the form is complete, you will receive a confirmation number; your request is not complete until you have this number
  • If approved, further instructions for returning product or completing a Certificate of Destruction will be provided within 2 business days of the form submission
  • The spoiled product or completed Certificate of Destruction must be received by Genentech within 60 days of approval of the spoilage request
    • Replacement product generally ships within 11 business days following receipt of the spoiled product or completed Certificate of Destruction
  • Faxed and emailed requests are no longer accepted

Please contact Genentech Customer Service at (800) 551-2231 if you need any help learning how to use the online form or would like additional information about the Program.

Important guidelines:

  • Each instance of spoilage replacement requires completion of the Spoilage Replacement Program Form. Replacement is on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Genentech; please retain all original product packaging for returns processing
  • Genentech does not ship replacement product if the spoiled product has been used for an off-label indication
  • Genentech does not ship replacement product if ANY portion of the product has been administered
  • Genentech will only ship replacement product to licensed facilities
  • All spoilage replacement requests are subject to review by Genentech; returned product is subject to analysis
  • Replacement is not available if any amount has been billed to a patient or an insurance claim has been remitted to a payer
  • Requests are subject to certain limitations and conditions. Genentech has the right to modify or discontinue the Spoilage Replacement Program at any time without notice