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Knowing what to expect can make all the difference. We can help you through each step of getting VENCLEXTA. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About VENCLEXTA Access Solutions

VENCLEXTA Access Solutions is a resource for people who take VENCLEXTA. We connect you to the medicine you have been prescribed.

I Am Concerned About Paying for VENCLEXTA

There may be options to help you get the VENCLEXTA your doctor has prescribed. VENCLEXTA Access Solutions can refer you to financial assistance options.

Getting My Medicine

You can’t get VENCLEXTA from your local pharmacy. Instead, it will come to you from a specialty pharmacy.

Your specialty pharmacy is different from your regular mail-order pharmacy. It handles drugs like VENCLEXTA.

When we check your coverage, we also refer you to a specialty pharmacy your health insurance plan will cover.

You might not be able to get VENCLEXTA right away. First, your doctor’s office or specialty pharmacy will have to check to make sure your health insurance plan covers your medicine. This is called a “benefits investigation.” They also might have to send some more information before your plan covers your medicine. This is called a “prior authorization.”

Enrolling in VENCLEXTA Access Solutions

  1. You fill out the Patient Consent Form.
  2. Your doctor fills out the Prescriber Service Form. You do not have to fill out anything on this form.
  3. Your doctor sends both of these forms to VENCLEXTA Access Solutions.

There are 3 ways to send us the Patient Consent Form:

  • Complete it online at
  • Text a picture of the completed form to (650) 877-1111
  • Fill out a paper copy and fax or mail it to us (or give it to your doctor to do so)

The Patient Consent Form lets us discuss your health information with your doctor and your health insurance plan. We can't work with you without a signed Patient Consent Form.

You do not need to do anything else, but your doctor does. He or she needs to submit the Prescriber Service Form. This form tells us your doctor wants to treat you with VENCLEXTA. Make sure your doctor has sent us the Prescriber Service Form so you get help from us.

You do not need to fill out anything on the Prescriber Service Form.

My Health Plan Denied Coverage for VENCLEXTA

If your health insurance plan will not cover VENCLEXTA, you and your doctor’s office can file an appeal. Contact your doctor to ask if you should file an appeal.

We have resources to help you and your doctor file an appeal.

We have resources to help you and your doctor file an appeal. You or your doctor’s office has to file the appeal directly with your health insurance plan.

This depends on your health insurance plan. You should ask your plan directly about its process. Sometimes the appeals process is quick. However, it can take several months if you have to appeal several times.

My Insurance Might Change

If your insurance changes while you’re taking VENCLEXTA, call us. We can help you understand your new coverage.

The Genentech Patient Foundation gives free VENCLEXTA to people who don’t have insurance coverage or who have financial concerns and meet certain eligibility criteria.

You and your doctor are responsible for completing and submitting all required paperwork to your health insurance plan. Genentech and AbbVie cannot guarantee your plan will cover any treatments.