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MySMA Support™ for Evrysdi

MySMA Support is here for you. The MySMA Support team is available to answer your questions and provide product education, including how to take Evrysdi.

Partnership and Access Liaisons (PALs) are here to help

A PAL is your local, main point of contact from Genentech who supports people taking Evrysdi. PALs are here to answer questions about Evrysdi and refer you to helpful resources. PALs can also help you understand your insurance and financial support options.


Provide in-person or virtual support based on your preference

answer questions

Answer questions on Evrysdi, including how it works, how to take it, what results were seen in clinical trials and Important Safety Information

financial support

Explain insurance coverage and potential financial support options


Refer you to helpful resources

Phone icon

To contact MySMA Support, call (833) 387-9734
(Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET)

start form

To enroll in MySMA Support, you and your doctor must complete the Evrysdi Start Form