HEMLIBRA Distribution

Authorized Distributors

Genentech has contracted with a network of authorized specialty distributors to service customers. Customers can purchase HEMLIBRA through authorized specialty distributors that have made a commitment to product integrity. These partners have agreed to distribute only products purchased directly from Genentech and not to distribute HEMLIBRA through secondary channels.

Name Telephone Fax Web Orders
The Alliance Pharmacy 866-767-4883
516-876-0200 thealliancepharmacy.org
AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group (ASD Healthcare) 800-746-6273 800-547-9413 www.asdhealthcare.com
BioCARE 800-304-3064 602-850-6215 biocare-us.com/
Cardinal Health Puerto Rico
787-625-4200 787-625-4398 www.cardinalhealth.pr
Cardinal Specialty Distribution
CIBD Distributors 714-227-9689 714-600-4791 http://cibddistributors.com
CuraScript Specialty Distribution 877-599-7748 800-862-6208 www.curascriptsd.com
Dakota Drug
866-210-5887 763-421-0661 www.dakdrug.com
877-788-1100 847-518-1105 www.dmspharma.com
FFF Enterprises 800-843-7477 800-418-4333 www.fffenterprises.com
McKesson Plasma and Biologics (MPB) [Government, Hospitals]
877-625-2566 800-289-9285 www.mckesson.com
McKesson Specialty Health (HTC, SP, Physician)
M&D Specialty Distribution 800-710-6100


Genentech does not influence or advocate the use of any one specialty distributor or specialty pharmacy. We make no representation or guarantee of service or coverage of any item.

All Treatment Center Pharmacies and Hospital Pharmacies Have Access to HEMLIBRA

HEMLIBRA Access Solutions works with specialty pharmacies (SPs), treatment center pharmacies and hospital pharmacies to help patients receive their medicines. 

These pharmacies may provide the following services:

  • Reimbursement resources
  • Clinical services to support patients throughout their treatment
  • The ability to manage the specialty handling and shipping needs linked with many specialty therapies

Authorized SPs

Name Telephone Fax Web Orders
Accurate Rx Pharmacy 573-256-4279 573-442-6429 www.accuraterx.net
Acro Pharmaceutical Services 800-906-7798 877-381-3806 www.acropharmacy.com
Aetna Specialty Pharmacy 866-782-2779 866-329-2779 www.aetna.com/individuals-families/pharmacy/specialty-pharmacy.html
AllianceRx Walgreens Prime
888-347-3416 877-231-8302 https://www.alliancerxwp.com
Amber Pharmacy 888-370-1724 877-645-7514 www.amberpharmacy.com
American Service & Product Pharmacy (ASAP Pharmacy) 877-285-3727 N/A http://www.wecareasap.com/
AmeriMed 866-230-5646 502-585-7678 http://amerimedinfusion.com/
Amerita 866-367-4567 615-367-1808 www.ameritaiv.com
AnovoRx 844-288-5007 901-201-5465 www.anovorx.com
ARJ Infusion Services 866-451-8804 877-451-8955 www.arjinfusion.com/specialties/specialty-pharmacy
Axium Healthcare Puerto Rico/Kroger Specialty Pharmacy (Puerto Rico Only)
Brothers Healthcare dba Beemans Redlands Pharmacy 800-291-1089 866-725-1233 www.brothershealthcare.com
BDRN 888-692-3761 N/A www.mybdrn.com
Best Option Healthcare (Puerto Rico Only) 787-723-6869 787-723-6987 bestoptionpr.com
BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy 866-514-8082
BioScrip 877-409-2301
N/A www.bioscrip.com
BioTek reMEDys 877-246-9104
302-544-5018 www.biotekrx.comBlue Sky
Blue Sky 843-352-7662 843-352-7632 http://blueskyspecialtypharmacy.com/
BriovaRx 855-855-8754 800-311-0185 www.briovarx.com/conditions/hemophilia.html
CanyonCare Rx 855-307-6880
N/A www.canyoncarerx.com
Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy 888-662-6779 877-800-4790 chsprx.com
CareMed Specialty Pharmacy
877-227-3405 877-542-2731 caremedsp.com
Cigna 800-351-3606 800-351-3616 www.cigna.com/specialty-pharmacy-servicesCMC Rx Pharmacy
CMC Rx Pharmacy 704-355-6900 N/A https://atriumhealth.org/medical-services/prevention-wellness/other-prevention-wellness-services/cmc-rx-pharmacy
Commcare Specialty Pharmacy 888-203-7973 888-203-7980 www.commcarepharmacy.com
Cook Children's Home Health 800-747-8242 N/A www.cookchildrenshomehealth.com/
Cottrill's Pharmacy, Inc 716-508-8481 716-508-8482 www.cottrillspharmacy.com
Diplomat Pharmacy 877-977-9118 800-550-6272 www.diplomatpharmacy.com
Drugco Health 866-601-8434 866-601-8434 drugcopharmacy.com/
Ethical Factor Rx
570-371-6317 www.ethicalfactorrx.comEvolutionary RX
Evolutionary RX 214-812-9958 214-782-9155 http://evolutionaryrx.com/
Exactus Pharmacy Solutions 866-458-9246 NA https://www.exactusrx.com/
Fast Access Specialty Therapeutics (F.A.S.T.) 877-327-8881 844-504-3278 http://fosrx.com/wp/f-a-s-t-rx/
Factor One Source Fast Pharmacy 844-773-6779
301-876-4395 fosrx.com/wp
Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy 866-643-2042 N/A fidelis-rx.com/
First Choice IV 866-665-3244 844-324-3245 N/A
Family Factor 877-611-0004 251-633-8864 http://www.familyfactor.net/
Guided Alliance (949) 496-3906 N/A N/A
Healthcare Evolution 610-495-0800 610-495-1933 healthcareevolutions.comHemaCare Plus
HemaCare Plus 877-742 - 2867 N/A http://hemacareplus.com/
Heritage Biologics
855-937-7273 N/A www.heritagebiologics.com
Herndon Pharmacy
www.herndonpharmacy.comHeuneme Family Pharmacy
Heuneme Family Pharmacy 805-488-8200 805-488-8211 https://huenemefamily.com/
HPC Specialty Pharmacy
800-757-9192 855-813-0583 www.hpcspecialtypharmacy.com
Humana Specialty Pharmacy 800-486-2668
InTouch Pharmacy 877-874-5099 404-973-2711 intouchpharmacy.com/
Kings Pharmacy 718-230-3535 718-230-0596 http://www.kingsrx.com/
866-554-2673 866-364-2673 www.magellanhealth.com
Maxor National Pharmacy Services
Mississippi Center For Advanced Medicine 877-261-2859 601-499-0936 http://msadvancedmedicine.com/
Noble Health Services 888-843-2040 888-842-3977 www.noblehealthservices.com/
Nufactor Specialty Pharmacy Biopharmaceuticals 800-323-6832 855-270-7347 www.nufactor.com
One Source Homecare 914-287-2410 914-287-2417 http://www.onesourcehomecare.org/
Option Care 866-827-8203 312-940-2497 optioncare.com
Oso Home Care
Paragon Healthcare Specialty 866-972-5888 866-491-5888 paragonhealthcare.com/
844-489-9565 www.performspecialty.com
Premier Infusion Care
866-383-2525 N/A
Premier Specialty Infusion 800-783-9655 877-770-4179 www.psinfusion.com
N/A www.propacpayless.com
Quality Home Infusion
Red Chip Enterprises 949-223-9828
N/A www.redchip.org
Soleo Health
610-586-3320 www.soleohealth.com
Special Care Pharmacy Services (Puerto Rico Only)
Superior Biologics
TwelveStone Health 844-893-0012 800-223-4063 https://12stonehealth.com
www.unipartners.netUniversity of Michigan Home Med
University of Michigan Home Med 800-862-2731 N/A https://homecare.med.umich.edu/HomeMed
US Bioservices
Vital Care Rx
Vital Rx 866.209.5540 800-878-4160 www.vitalrx.com/
Walmart Specialty Pharmacy 877-453-4566
Westside Specialty Pharmacy
808-645-0491 808-335-0043 www.facebook.com/westsidespecialty12 Stone Health
12 Stone Health 844-893-0012 800-223-4063 https://12stonehealth.com/

Genentech does not influence or advocate the use of any one specialty distributor or specialty pharmacy. We make no representation or guarantee of service or coverage of any item.

Spoilage Replacement Program

The Genentech Spoilage Replacement Program provides for replacement of infused, injected and self-administered products, which are prescribed and prepared for a labeled indication, yet not administered due to unforeseen patient clinical circumstances, subject to certain limitations and conditions set forth by Genentech. The purpose of the program is to support our commitment to protecting patient safety by preventing the use of spoiled, damaged or contaminated products.

Please contact Genentech Customer Service at (800) 551-2231 to submit a request for replacement of spoiled product or to obtain additional information about the Program.

To request replacement product:

  • Contact Genentech Customer Service at (800) 551-2231 to obtain the Genentech Spoilage Replacement Program Form
  • Complete the Genentech Spoilage Replacement Program Form and fax it back to Genentech Customer Service at (877) 329- 6737 within 30 days of the spoilage event
  • The request may take up to 3 business days to review. If approved by Genentech, further instructions for returning product or completing a Certificate of Destruction will be provided
  • The spoiled product or completed Certificate of Destruction must be received by Genentech within 60 days of approval of the spoilage request
    • Replacement product generally ships within 11 business days following receipt of the spoiled product or completed Certificate of Destruction

Important guidelines:

  • Each instance of spoilage replacement requires completion of the Spoilage Replacement Program Form. Replacement is on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Genentech; please retain all original product packaging for returns processing
  • Genentech does not ship replacement product if the spoiled product has been used for an off-label indication
  • Genentech does not ship replacement product if ANY portion of the product has been administered
  • Genentech will only ship replacement product to licensed facilities
  • All spoilage replacement requests are subject to review by Genentech; returned product is subject to analysis
  • Replacement is not available if any amount has been billed to a patient or an insurance claim has been remitted to a payer
  • Requests are subject to certain limitations and conditions. Genentech has the right to modify or discontinue the Spoilage Replacement Program at any time without notice

PAN=Patient Authorization and Notice of Request for Transmission of Health Information to Genentech Access Solutions and Genentech® Access to Care Foundation.

SMN=Statement of Medical Necessity.

Important Safety Information & Indication


Hemlibra is indicated for routine prophylaxis to prevent or reduce the frequency of bleeding episodes in adult and pediatric patients ages newborn and older with hemophilia A with or without factor VIII inhibitors.

Important Safety Information


Cases of thrombotic microangiopathy and thrombotic events were reported when on average a cumulative amount of >100 U/kg/24 hours of activated prothrombin complex concentrate (aPCC) was administered for 24 hours or more to patients receiving Hemlibra prophylaxis. Monitor for the development of thrombotic microangiopathy and thrombotic events if aPCC is administered. Discontinue aPCC and suspend dosing of Hemlibra if symptoms occur.

Warnings and Precautions

Thrombotic Microangiopathy (TMA) and Thromboembolism Associated With Hemlibra and aPCC

In clinical trials, TMA was reported in 0.8% of patients (3/391) and thrombotic events were reported in 0.5% of patients (2/391). In patients who received at least one dose of aPCC, TMA was reported in 8.1% of patients (3/37) and thrombotic events were reported in 5.4% of patients (2/37). Patients with TMA presented with thrombocytopenia, microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, and acute kidney injury, without severe deficiencies in ADAMTS13.

Consider the benefits and risks if aPCC must be used in a patient receiving Hemlibra prophylaxis. Monitor for the development of TMA and/or thromboembolism when administering aPCC. Immediately discontinue aPCC and interrupt Hemlibra prophylaxis if clinical symptoms, imaging, or laboratory findings consistent with TMA and/or thromboembolism occur, and manage as clinically indicated. Consider the benefits and risks of resuming Hemlibra prophylaxis following complete resolution of TMA and/or thrombotic events on a case-by-case basis.

Laboratory Coagulation Test Interference

Hemlibra affects intrinsic pathway clotting-based laboratory tests, including activated clotting time (ACT); activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT); and all assays based on aPTT, such as one-stage, factor VIII (FVIII) activity. Therefore, intrinsic pathway clotting-based coagulation laboratory test results in patients who have been treated with Hemlibra prophylaxis should not be used to monitor Hemlibra activity, determine dosing for factor replacement or anti-coagulation, or measure FVIII inhibitor titers.

Results affected by Hemlibra: aPTT; Bethesda assays (clotting-based) for FVIII inhibitor titers; one-stage, aPTT-based single-factor assays; aPTT-based Activated Protein C Resistance (APC-R); ACT.

Results unaffected by Hemlibra: Bethesda assays (bovine chromogenic) for FVIII inhibitor titers; thrombin time (TT); one-stage, prothrombin time (PT)-based single-factor assays; chromogenic-based single-factor assays other than FVIII (see Drug Interactions for FVIII chromogenic activity assay considerations); immuno-based assays (ie, ELISA, turbidimetric methods); genetic tests of coagulation factors (eg, Factor V Leiden, Prothrombin 20210).

Most Common Adverse Reactions

The most common adverse reactions (incidence ≥10%) are injection site reactions, headache, and arthralgia.

Adverse Reactions

Characterization of aPCC Treatment in Pooled Clinical Trials

There were 130 instances of aPCC treatment in 37 patients, of which 13 instances (10%) consisted of on average a cumulative amount of >100 U/kg/24 hours of aPCC for 24 hours or more; 2 of the 13 were associated with thrombotic events and 3 of the 13 were associated with TMA. No TMA or thrombotic events were associated with the remaining instances of aPCC treatment.

Injection Site Reactions

In total, 85 patients (22%) reported injection site reactions (ISRs). All ISRs observed in Hemlibra clinical trials were reported as mild to moderate intensity and 93% resolved without treatment. The commonly reported ISR symptoms were injection site erythema (11%), injection site pruritus (4%), and injection site pain (4%).

Other Less Common (<1%) Reactions

Rhabdomyolysis was reported in 2 adult patients with asymptomatic elevations in serum creatinine kinase without associated renal or musculoskeletal symptoms. In both instances, the event occurred following an increase in physical activity.

Drug Interactions

Clinical experience suggests that a drug interaction exists with Hemlibra and aPCC.

Pregnancy, Lactation, Females and Males of Reproductive Potential

Women of childbearing potential should use contraception while receiving Hemlibra. It is not known whether Hemlibra can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity. Hemlibra should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit for the mother outweighs the risk to the fetus. The developmental and health benefits of breastfeeding should be considered along with the mother’s clinical need for Hemlibra and any potential adverse effects on the breastfed child from Hemlibra or from the underlying maternal condition.

You may report side effects to the FDA at (800) FDA-1088 or www.fda.gov/medwatch. You may also report side effects to Genentech at (888) 835-2555.

Please see the Hemlibra full Prescribing Information for additional Important Safety Information, including Boxed WARNING.