Pulmozyme Distribution

Pulmozyme Access Solutions works with specialty pharmacies (SPs) to make patient and clinical support available to Pulmozyme patients and their prescribers.

An SP is uniquely able to give a comprehensive array of services. They may include:

  • Reimbursement resources for complicated paperwork and complex health plan requirements
  • Support to help patients understand and successfully adhere to a complex therapy
  • Clinical services to support patients throughout their therapies, such as adherence and persistency programs and nursing services
  • The ability to manage special handling and shipping needs linked with many specialty therapies

The decision to use the services of an SP should be made solely by patients and their caregivers with guidance from the provider/treatment team. Pulmozyme is also available at retail pharmacies.

Genentech does not influence or advocate the use of any one specialty distributor or specialty pharmacy. We make no representation or guarantee of service or coverage of any item.