XOLAIR Distribution

Specialty Pharmacies

XOLAIR Access Solutions works with specialty pharmacies (SPs) to help patients receive their medicines.

An SP may provide the following services:

  • Reimbursement resources
  • Clinical services to support patients throughout their treatment
  • The ability to manage the specialty handling and shipping needs linked with many specialty therapies

You can work with your preferred SP or contact XOLAIR Access Solutions to learn which SP the patient’s health insurance plan requires.

The SPs listed below are part of the XOLAIR Specialty Pharmacy Network chosen to dispense XOLAIR to your office.

Distributor Telephone Fax Web Orders
Absolute Pharmacy Care (Puerto Rico)* 787-892-8700 787-841-1149 N/A
AcariaHealth 800-511-5144 877-541-1503 www.acariahealth.com
Accredo Health Group 866-839-2162, Option 2 866-531-1025 www.accredo.com
Aetna Specialty Pharmacy* 866-782-2779 866-329-2779 www.aetna.com/individuals-families/pharmacy/specialty-pharmacy.html
AllianceRx Walgreens Prime 888-347-3416 877-231-8302 www.alliancerxwp.com
Alto Pharmacy 800-874-5881 415-484-7058 www.alto.com
Amber Pharmacy 888-370-1724 877-645-7514 www.amberpharmacy.com
Aureus Health Services
(including Meijer SP)
Avella Specialty Pharmacy 877-546-5779 877-546-5780 www.avella.com
BannerHealth* 480-684-7070 N/A www.bannerhealth.com
BioScript* 902-422-8528 902-422-2619 www.bioscript.ca
Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy (Oncosource)* 888-662-6779 877-800-4790 https://chsprx.com/CHSPRx/Home/Index.aspx
Cigna Specialty Pharmacy* 800-835-3784 800-351-3616 www.cigna.com/specialty-pharmacy-services
CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy 800-237-2767 800-323-2445 www.cvscaremarkspecialtyrx.com
Diplomat Pharmacy* 877-977-9118 800-550-6272 www.diplomatpharmacy.com
Elixir Specialty Pharmacy 1-877-437-9012
1-877-309-0687 envisionpharmacies.com
Humana Pharmacy (aka Rightsource)* 800-486-2668 877-405-7940 www.humanapharmacy.com
888-288-2011 888-263-2871 N/A
Kroger Health SP (Formerly ModernHealth)
855.802.3230 888.315.3270 http://www.krogerspecialtypharmacy.com
MagellanRx (aka ICORE)* 866-554-2673 866-364-2673 www.magellanhealth.com
Maxor Specialty Pharmacy* 866-629-6779 866-217-8034 www.maxor.com
Optum SP (formerly BriovaRX SP) 855-577-6313 866-876-8966 https://specialty.optumrx.com
PerformRx* 800-555-5690 800-684-5504 www.performrx.com
Pharmacy Advantage* 800-456-2112 888-400-0109 www.pharmacyadvantagerx.com
Prime Therapeutics 855-457-0007 877-828-3939 www.primetherapeutics.com
Reliance Rx* 716-929-1000 716-532-7360 www.reliancerxsp.com
Special Care Pharmacy Services (Puerto Rico only) 888-727-1727
US Bioservices 888-518-7246 888-418-7246 www.usbioservices.com/payers/pharmacy-services

*These pharmacies are owned by specific payers and are available to dispense for their own plan members only.

We work with these specialty pharmacies to make patient and clinical support available to XOLAIR patients and their prescribers. Additional specialty pharmacies are available as well.

Genentech and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation do not influence or advocate the use of any one specialty distributor or specialty pharmacy. We make no representation or guarantee of service or coverage of any item.

Buy and Bill

With buy and bill, the practice purchases the medication in advance, then bills the patient’s health insurance plan for reimbursement. The practice is responsible for storing and handling the drug as well as collecting the patient’s co-pay for both the drug and its administration. With buy and bill, practices can maintain a stock of the drug, giving them the flexibility to treat patients when clinically appropriate.

Genentech and Novartis AG have contracted with a network of authorized specialty distributors to service practices choosing to purchase XOLAIR through the buy and bill model. Customers can purchase XOLAIR through authorized specialty distributors and wholesalers that have made a commitment to product integrity. These partners have agreed to distribute only products purchased directly from Genentech and Novartis AG and not to distribute XOLAIR through secondary channels.

Distributor Telephone Fax Web Orders
ASD Healthcare (ABSG) 800-746-6273 800-547-9413 www.asdhealthcare.com/
Besse Medical (ABSG) 800-543-2111 800-543-8695 www.besse.com/
BioSolutions Direct (ABSG) 866-860-3565 888-899-0063 www.biosolutionsdirect.com/
Cardinal Specialty Distribution 855-855-0708 888-345-4916 specialtyonline.cardinalhealth.com
CuraScript Specialty Distribution (aka Priority Healthcare Distribution, Inc.) 877-599-7748 866-277-4024 www.curascriptsd.com
McKesson Specialty Health 855-477-9800 800-289-9285 mscs.mckesson.com
Metro Medical (A Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions company; For community physicians only)
Oncology Supply (ABSG)


We work with these authorized distributors to provide XOLAIR patients and their prescribers.

Genentech and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation do not influence or advocate the use of any one specialty distributor or specialty pharmacy. We make no representation or guarantee of service or coverage of any item.

Spoilage Replacement Program

To learn more about the Genentech Spoilage Replacement Program click here.