Resources for Your Office

These helpful resources include eligibility information, tips for completing the enrollment forms for Genentech Access Solutions and more.



Common Mistakes to Avoid in Claims Documentation for Infused Drugs

Complete documentation is the foundation of appropriate reimbursement. Watch this short video that provides tips for complete and accurate documentation of claims for infused therapies.

Downloadable documents

Considerations for Composing a Letter of Medical Necessity

This guide provides tips to help you draft a letter of medical necessity. A sample letter is also included for your reference.


Considerations for Composing a Sample Appeal Letter

This guide provides tips to help you draft an appeal letter. A sample letter is also included for your reference.


Genentech Patient Foundation Overview

This flash card introduces the Genentech Patient Foundation.


Treatment Cost Discussion Guide

This guide provides patients with a list of questions they might want to ask after a Genentech medicine is prescribed. It also includes information on how to enroll in Genentech Access Solutions and a copy of the Patient Consent Form.


Understanding Medicare Part D

This brochure includes information about the 4 parts of Medicare, an overview of Medicare Part D costs and a summary of the Medicare Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) Program (also known as "Extra Help").


Understanding the Parts of Medicare and Your Costs

Use this patient-facing information sheet to help guide discussions about how Medicare can affect patients' ability to access their Genentech medicines.