Resources for Your Office

These helpful resources include eligibility information, tips for completing the enrollment forms for Genentech Access Solutions and more.



Understanding Claims Submission for Office-administered Products Using a Miscellaneous J-code

Understanding claims submission for office-administered products with a miscellaneous J-code.

Downloadable documents

Considerations for Composing a Letter of Medical Necessity

This guide provides tips to help you draft a letter of medical necessity. A sample letter is also included for your reference.


Considerations for Composing a Sample Appeal Letter

This guide provides tips to help you draft an appeal letter. A sample letter is also included for your reference.


Genentech Patient Foundation Overview

This flash card introduces the Genentech Patient Foundation.


Treatment Cost Discussion Guide

This guide provides patients with a list of questions they might want to ask after a Genentech medicine is prescribed. It also includes information on how to enroll in Genentech Access Solutions and a copy of the Patient Consent Form.


Understanding Medicare Part D

This brochure includes information about the 4 parts of Medicare, an overview of Medicare Part D costs and a summary of the Medicare Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) Program (also known as "Extra Help").


Understanding the Parts of Medicare and Your Costs

Use this patient-facing information sheet to help guide discussions about how Medicare can affect patients' ability to access their Genentech medicines.